Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge

In May we had the opportunity to visit Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge with our homeschool co-op, BHLC. It was so interesting and the kids loved it! Instead of gifts for her 7th birthday, Reagan had requested donations for Wolf Run so we took those with us when we visited.
The first animals we had the opportunity to see and interact with were some wolf pups that had recently been rescued. The kids loved having the opportunity to pet the pups and they were pretty adorable! Having said that, I can't think who in their right mind would think it was a good idea to adopt or try to raise wolves...
 McKinley loves "puppies"
 Many of the adult wolves or wolf dogs (I can't remember which these were anymore) were quite friendly and interested in having attention from the kids.

 They also had a number of other animals that had been rescued including deer. They also had a mountain lion, pigs, coyotes and a number of other animals.
 This was one of their tamer wolves and one of the ones they use for education purposes when the visit events throughout the year. What a gorgeous animal!
 If you have any interest in learning more about or supporting Wolf Run Wild Life Refuge, please visit their website at .

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