Thursday, December 11, 2014

July 5, 2014 - The Great Smokey Mountains

On Saturday, July 5, we visited the Great Smoky Mountains. Our first stop was Clingmans Dome which was a recommendation my cousin, Jodi, gave us for a good hike with kids. As you can see from the pictures it was a beautiful day! I'm so glad we went early because by the time we were headed back down packed does not begin to describe the condition of the parking lot!!!
Grand-Dad snapped this sweet picture of McKinley and me in the parking lot before heading out (or up as the case may be) on our hike.
 At the base of the trail was an area the kids loved climbing and running up and down. I think Reagan is claiming victory here!
 Off our merry crew goes!

 Grammy bringing up the rear with Miss McKinley
 McKinley does love Grammy! :)
 Jackson convinced a few people,  including Uncle David, that he couldn't possible get all the way up by himself. Luckily for Jackson, we had many accommodating adults with us! :)
 I guess the hike wasn't tiring enough for the kids because they found multiple places to scale along the way.

 The smallest little mountain goat - must be related to Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen! :)

 Love this family picture of the Volkerts!
 I caught this picture of these two on their way back down the mountain
 Reagan and Heidi having what appears to be an intense conversation
 These two little monkeys both wanted Daddy to carry them
 After the hike we found a spot near the visitor's center for a picnic. This was so relaxing and the kids had a wonderful time chasing and enjoying each other.

 I thought these two pictures Dad caught of Darin and Dan with their little guys were super sweet! :)

 After lunch some of us returned to the hotel while others found another small trail to hike. What a great picture of Stacy and her boys!
 After a bit of swimming, Saturday evening we headed to the Old Mill for dinner. It was conveniently located within walking distance of our hotel and was/is such a unique and fun place to eat. While we were waiting to be seated the kids played games to keep themselves entertained. :)
 After supper we had the opportunity to celebrate another birthday. Hope you had a great one Stacy!!!
Thanks to everyone for the wonderful day and for being so willing to follow my recommendations on activities to see and do. This is an easy group to plan for and please!

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