Tuesday, December 9, 2014

LaBar Family Reunion - July 2014

At the beginning of July a number of the William and Helen LaBar descendants gathered in the Smoky Mountains to enjoy some wonderful family time. Three of the four brothers (and spouses), five of the ten grandchildren (and spouses) and eleven of fourteen great-grandchildren (no spouses yet :) ) were able to attend the reunion.
We have always been an extremely spread out family and at one point all four children and ten grandchildren lived in different states. We were once having a discussion on potential central locations and Uncle David wisely pointed out that when you have people living in Alaska, Maine, California and every where in between there really is no convenient and central location... That said, we unfortunately are not able to get together frequently enough and I don't know if we have ever been together all at once. It is so  nice to be together, however, that I sincerely hope we don't wait another 5 years to do this again! I also hope next time we are able to include the George LaBars in our group as well as all the cousins we were missing!
Here is a great picture of the 27 LaBars in attendance
The Martin (oldest son) LaBar Family
Rich, Stacy, Martin, Faye, Amber, Chuck
Riley (6 yrs old), Rory (9 yrs old) and Hazel (3 yrs old)
 The David (2nd oldest son) LaBar Family
Dan, Dorothy, David, Jolene, Darin, Elise
Heidi (7 yrs old), Holden (4 yrs old), Brendan (7 yrs old) and Alaina (5 yrs old)
 The Arthur (youngest son) LaBar family
Ted, Sherry, Jackson (3 yrs old), Anna, McKinley (17 mos old), Tim
Kennedy (5 yrs old) and Reagan (7 yrs old)
Thank you to everyone for making the effort to come to our family reunion! Where should we be headed next??? :)

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