Monday, July 29, 2013

Anna's 6th Birthday - June TN Visit

In June we spent a week in Tennessee. The primary reason for our trip was to celebrate Anna's birthday. Even though we were there for nearly week it appears I only captured pictures from Anna's birthday and her birthday party, both of which were at the pool. We had a great time as always in Tennessee! This was a special visit for Reagan too because she stayed with the Stiriz's for a few extra days while the rest of us came back to Kentucky. Hard to believe she's old enough to leave places without us, kids grow too fast! :)
Three sweet girls ready for the beach birthday party!
 The birthday girl and all her girlfriends at her beach party
 Ms. Debbie was sweet enough to keep up with McKinley while the big kids were in the pool
 Kelly made these adorable beach/ocean cupcakes. How cute are these?!?!?
 The birthday girl on the slide
 Chaz and Anna
 All the kids loved the slide, including Jackson
 The slide may  have been a bit wild for McKinley but she enjoyed this big lizard float :)
 I don't know what this float thing is called but it was a lot of fun for the kids to climb on and jump off
 All three of my kids loved playing with Wayne and he was such an awesome sport to keep up with them (and all the other little guys)!
 Just like the girls, Jackson loves the water! :)
 Jackson is enamored with his big buddy Chaz 

 This was a dangerous picture to take!
 Jackson got in on the action too!
 McKinley with her godparents, Charlie and Kelly
 All four of Charlie's Angels...
 Thank you everyone for such a great trip to Tennessee! Thank you especially to Kelly and Charlie for letting us stay with them for such an extended time and to Wayne and Ms. Debbie for letting us take advantage of their pool several times. We had so much fun Kennedy announced she wants her birthday (in November) to be at Mamaw and Pappy's house and pool. lol :) Thank you also to Kelly and Charlie for letting Reagan stay for several extra days. She had a fabulous time! Thanks for everything and we'll be looking forward to some more TN pool time next summer! :)

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