Thursday, July 18, 2013

St. Louis - Day 2 - The Magic House and Ted Drewes

Saturday morning we got up early and headed to "The Magic House" . This is such a fun and awesome children's museum! Any trip to St. Louis with kids should definitely include this stop! The special exhibit while we were there featured the Magic School Bus and weather. Here are Reagan, Heidi and Kennedy posing with Ms. Frizzle. :) Someone has a group picture of us in front of the Magic School Bus so I need a copy! :)
 Andrew used to have a small one of these things when we were little and we loved pushing our hands and faces into it. There was a wall where we all enjoyed pushing our images through including Missy Reagan. :)
 There were any number of experiments to try out and here Grammy and Reagan were rolling balls to discover which would go faster a ball on the straight but shorter line or the longer curved? The longer curved line won! :)
 Reagan and Uncle Scott having a "hair raising" experience
 Jackson loved all the ball experiments!

Aunt Arla and Reagan dressed up in pioneer clothes and enjoyed playing school and having tea together. So sweet! :)

 There was an entire room of magnets that we enjoyed exploring out as well. I love the intensity on Jackson's face as he tries to figure out which direction these magnets need to go in order to attract vs repel each other.
 Aunt Arla and McKinley enjoying their time together. :)
 Missy K wanted to wear her sticker on her head and though Uncle Scott needed to as well. The picture they're posing with is one Kennedy drew of Uncle Scott's shadow. The kids had a lot of fun with this light box and the light room in general.
 There was an entire room dedicated to the St. Louis Rams. You could test your agility, flexibility, strength etc as well as having the opportunity to dress up as a football player. Here's Missy Reagan as a Ram. lol :)
 One of the highlights of the day was the 3 story beanstalk. The kids had a blast climbing up and down repeatedly. This was probably Jackson's favorite activity and he revisited it several times throughout our visit as you could enter it on different floors.

 It was hard to keep all the kids together, but one place it wasn't surprising the boys finally caught up with each other was the huge construction zone. They had a great time putting plumbing together, tiling floors and even sweeping up! :)

 Jackson enjoying climbing on the Caterpillar
 There was a political section which included a replica of the oval office. Here is President Reagan taking an important call at her desk. :)
 After all our fun at The Magic House we took a break at Ted Drewes for their famous Frozen Custard. This stuff is so good and almost worth a trip to St. Louis just to get an "All Shook Up." So super yummy!!! :)
 Holden appears to approve of Ted Drewes too! :)
  Here's a picture of most of our Ted Drewes crew. I'm sure ready to go back for some more Frozen Custard especially during these hot summer days!

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