Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday - WI May 2013

Aunt Arla setup appointments for us to have our nails done on Saturday morning. What a fun treat! :) Thank you so so much! :)
 Look at all these beautiful ladies being pampered! :)
 We decided Miss McKinley needed to get in on the fun too lol :)
 We all had patriotic toe nails I honor of Memorial Day weekend - aren't we a festive crew?
 Saturday afternoon Haydn, Ariel and Kolton came up to visit and play. Miss Ariel sat down to hold McKinley right away, it was so sweet! :)
 The kids all helped shuck corn for dinner
 This was Jackson's first experience shucking corn, but he enjoyed it and was very careful to remove every piece of silk. Way to go buddy! :)
 Enjoying the fruits of his labor. Super yummy corn on the cob! :) 
Thank you Aunt Arla for planning such an awesome day! You do way too much for us but we sure appreciate and enjoy all the fun we have with you! :) You are truly the best!!! :)

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