Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4th of July Weekend 2013 - Pigeon Forge, TN

Grammy and Grand-Dad were hardly home from Alaska (we missed them so much in June!) before they turned right around and came to visit us the beginning of July. After being here for a couple of days we headed with them to Pigeon Forge, TN, to meet the Mitchell/Stiriz family to celebrate the 4th of July. Our hotel was extremely convenient for watching the fireworks from the balcony so we put the kids in their festive matching PJs so they would be ready for bed when the fireworks were over. Here's our cute crew! :)
 Our silly crew
 our sleepy crew
 The big girls with Pappy on the balcony waiting for fireworks to begin while enjoying the music from Pigeon Forge's "Freedom Festival"
 Kelly and I recently discovered that while we've been friends since kindergarten there are a shocking lack of pictures of us over the years. Especially a lack of good pictures. There are so many adorable ones of our brothers, Andrew and Nick, but for some reason not very many decent ones of us. That said, I told her we better start taking pictures together or before you know it another 30 years will have passed and we'll be 65 wondering why on earth we don't have any pictures! So here's to a concerted effort to get more pictures of the two of us during future visits and events! :)
 McKinley, Grammy and Chaz enjoying the evening
 My three sweet girls in their matching pajamas :)
 What a precious baby! :)
 McKinley does love Grammy! :)
 I was having fun playing with the camera and thought this close up of McKinley was precious. I know Grammy loves those big blue eyes. :)
 Then I decided to try and get some cute pics of the big kids too. I didn't really like any of the ones of my older kids but I thought these of Chaz and Anna were so good. These two are just so super photogenic! :)

 Jackson showing Grand-Dad the new gun Grammy gave him
 Ready for the fireworks to begin!
 It rained so much we decided to go and see a nearby waterfall. While we were out it began raining again and since we didn't have an umbrella Kelly stuck McKinley under her shirt. Too funny! lol :)
 McKinley thoroughly enjoying a belly buzz for Charlie!!!

 McKinely with her godparents Charlie and Kelly on her first 4th of July
 The hotel didn't have a super exciting pool but it doesn't take much for my crew to have fun! It was also nice that it was an indoor pool since it rained so much of the time we were there...
 I love this picture of Reagan and Tim! :)
 I think this picture of Charlie and Anna is super sweet too! :)
 What a honey! :)
 Jackson paddling away. He'll definitely be ready for swimming lessons next summer! :)
 Cheese!!! :)
 Grammy and her sweet boy :)
 Three super cute pool pals
Thanks everyone for the fabulous 4th of July weekend! :)

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