Tuesday, July 23, 2013

St. Louis - Day 2 - Reagan's 6th Birthday Party

The motivation for taking a trip to St. Louis was to celebrate Reagan's 6th birthday at the American Girl Doll Store. We had such a fabulous time celebrating Kennedy's 4th birthday at the AG store in New York Reagan wanted to have a special AG birthday as well. The food wasn't quite as good as NYC but having more friends and family made it super special! I think Reagan was a bit overwhelmed and out of sorts when we first arrived but once we entered the birthday room and she was seated in her big beautiful "pink" chair she loved every minute! I don't know if I've ever seen a happier birthday girl! I have to say American Girl is worth every penny!
Heidi, Reagan, Kennedy and Lily ready with their dolls for the party :)
Aunt Arla and Reagan with her new doll Rebecca, which Aunt Arla gave to Reagan for her birthday
My sweet girls ready to party (notice the sticker on Kennedy's head - I'm not sure what's up with that but you may have noticed that's where her Magic House sticker was as well...)
Lily and Angie - Two of the sweetest people I know! I seriously don't know if there is a more sincere and humble person on the planet than Angie and Lily is just a little doll!
Aunt Dorothy and Heidi are so super special to us and I don't think a birthday celebration would feel complete without this awesome duo. Reagan and Heidi have made it to everyone of each other's parties. :) We are so fortunate to have both these ladies in our lives and living so close by to share so many wonderful memories with!
Aunt Arla, Grammy, and McKinley doing their part to make the evening special as well. Reagan is so lucky to have these two amazing women in her life who love her no matter what! I don't think there's anything these two wouldn't do for her and they go above and beyond to make sure Reagan feels special and loved. :) They are also largely responsible for the girl's unofficial American Girl Doll bedroom. lol :)
Aunt Julie (with her trademark gorgeous smile) came to celebrate with us too while Uncle Chuck hung out at the hotel with all the guys. Thank you both for coming and making the evening even more fun for both the girls and boys! We appreciate all your patience with our crew. ;) You guys are the best and always make all our kids feel so treasured and loved!:)
My big six year old girl! Where has the time gone?
Reagan working on the craft project which was sewing a skirt to go along with the shirt they received for their dolls.
Reagan loved the cheese pizza. She made such a big deal about it being the best cheese pizza ever that the chefs had to come out and meet her and boy did that make her day! :)
Miss Reagan's birthday cake
One extremely excited and happy little girl
Reagan posing with Aunt Arla in the 2013 AG doll, Saige's, hot air balloon display
Love all these special gals who made Reagan's party so special!
Thank you Grand-Dad for coming along to be the official photographer! You captured some wonderful shots and video too!
Thank you everyone for taking the time and making the effort to celebrate with Reagan. It was such a fun and special evening and one I know Reagan will remember for many years to come. It wouldn't have been the same without you!!! :)

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