Sunday, July 28, 2013

Great Grandma Carlson - WI May 2013

For Memorial Day we traveled to Wisconsin so McKinley could meet Great Grandma Carlson. The kids had a fabulous time (as always) and we enjoyed catching up with everyone. Thank you all for making us feel so welcome!
4 Generations
 We gradually began picking up munchkins who wanted to be included in the pictures.
All the girls
 Jackson decided he wanted to join our photography session as well :)
 Great Grandma and McKinley (3 1/2 months)
 These are pictures of the actual first meeting between McKinley and Great Grandma. We drove thru the night the Friday before Memorial Day so this was Saturday morning not long after we arrived. How sweet are the two of them checking each other out? I believe they approved of each other! :)

 Getting love from Great Grandma - so sweet! :)
 Life is good when you have a Great Grandma to hold and love on you! :)
 Holding hands - melts my heart! :)

Thank you for letting us stay at your house Great Grandma! I know we can be a crew but you've always made visiting you so much fun. Wisconsin is as magical for my kids as it always was for Andrew and me and that has everything to do with you and the loving family environment you've always created for us. We sure love you lots! :)

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