Thursday, August 1, 2013

Love My Munchkins!

I've been having fun lately trying to capture some cute close ups of the kids. While Dad and Andrew enjoy landscape photography I really enjoy people as my subjects. It's probably not hard to guess who my four favorite subjects are. :) In that vein... just tonight the girls were talking about growing up and moving away. Tim said he wasn't ready for that and he would miss them. Kennedy's immediate response was "It's okay Dad, you have lots of pictures of us." She's right, we do, but I'll still miss these sweet faces and smiles once they're all grown up!
Reagan (6 years old) - Reagan is a wonderful big sister. She has become such a big helper around the house and with her little siblings, especially McKinley. While she can be pretty intense (and sometimes a little challenging) she truly has a heart of gold with a love of life and people. With her big smile and eyes that twinkle she can light up any room! :)
 Kennedy (4 1/2 years old) - Our little sweetheart and an awesome sister and big helper too! You can always count on Missy K for a good story and interesting take on any situation. She's still doing her best to determine if McKinley is in fact a girl. Just today someone commented on what a pretty little girl McKinley is when to their surprise (and typical confusion) Kennedy promptly replied "Yes, and we're pretty sure she's a girl." She generally follows that up with "We've been treating her like she's a girl anyway." This line of thought began during a conversation with Grand-Dad sometime after McKinley was born when she declared "We're sure going to be surprised if McKinley turns out to be a boy!" She has continued to randomly make this statement despite our efforts to assure her McKinley is most definitely a girl including discussing the differences between girls and boys. lol :) We do love this little goof ball! :)
 Jackson (2 3/4 years old) - Jackson gets two pictures because I wasn't sure which I liked better or was more appropriate. I love that big smile, but as any of you who know him know, you're as likely to get his signature scowl as that beautiful smile from my shy and anti-social little guy. We're working hard and making progress towards increasing the smile time! :)
 McKinley (5 months) - Everyone is in love with this precious baby, no doubt about it!!! :) We adore this sweet little girl and can already tell she is going to have a big personality too! And yes, Grammy is extremely excited about those big blue eyes!
Even though these four munchkins sometimes drive me a little crazy I love them to pieces and can't imagine my life without them. There is no doubt their big personalities and super hugs light up our days like nothing else ever could! :)

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