Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer Fun at the Pool - 2013

We purchased Parks and Recreations Pool passes again this summer. Besides the girls taking two terms of swimming lessons we spent many mornings and afternoons at the various pools. Tates Creek is my favorite but the kids really love Southland and Woodland. We'll have to do our best to work in one or two more days this week since they'll close until next year after Labor Day weekend.
Jackson wasn't feeling cooperative for the group photo, but he was feeling pretty silly with my sunglasses. :)
This Shark, which Aunt Arla gave us (one of Lance's old swim toys), was a favorite all summer long
Before our good friends, the Meyers, moved away at the beginning of the summer we were able to work in one fun swim day with them. Here's everyone enjoying a snack together during one of the breaks.
 Maddie and Reagan are the same age and since we are in the same homeschooling co-op and Girl Scout troop we have participated in many of the same activities the past couple of years.
Missy K and Travis hanging out together - these two have been in several of the same pre-school classes
 Jackson and Travis are best buddies too, they're just a little more difficult to get a picture of together...
All the kids enjoyed the fountains at Tates Creek Aquatic Center again this summer, but Jackson especially got a kick out of them. I imagine it's partially because he isn't as proficient a swimmer as the bigger kids.
Sweet Maddie and silly Travis, working hard to swim while holding his breath and paddling above water. lol :)
Travis and Jackson were fascinated by a couple of June Bugs who were caught in the water. They would have me rescue them and then watch them as they dried off on the side of the pool.
McKinley with Ms. Kelly
 Sharing a towel
 and a good laugh 
 I guess that's what girlfriends are for! :) We miss you guys!
After Grammy and Grand-Dad came back from Alaska they spent some time with us in Kentucky. The pool is significantly easier with a Grammy to help! :)
Our primary swimming buddies for the summer were some of our neighbors and good friends. This picture was taken the first time we accidentally ran into them at the pool. I don't know how many days we spent with them at the pool afterwards but they were the BEST pool buddies ever! Their nanny, Abby, and I were able to split the big kids and little kids up which made it so much easier and fun for everyone! Sure hope this arrangement works out again next summer!
Mia riding the dolphin
What a smile! :)
Missy K loves turtles! :)
Sweet Miss Addison with Abby
Missy K in front of the play structure at Southland Aquatic Center
Having fun changing the flow of water
 Addison on the frog slide 
  Jackson discovered another way to enjoy a sunny afternoon at the pool 
 Such sweet friends
I apologize for the quality of these videos. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong but the camera obviously wasn't focusing. I still wanted to share these videos of the girls jumping off the diving board and swimming since this was both a big accomplishment and major source of entertainment the latter half of the summer. Reagan is in the primarily pink swimsuit followed by Kennedy in the green swimsuit.
Reagan doing a "toothpick" jump
Kennedy demonstrating form like you've never seen it before - I think she looks a bit more like a helicopter getting ready to take off than a child jumping into a pool but hey, whatever works! :)
Reagan and Kennedy jumping together
Mia jumping off the diving board
Addison and Jackson weren't to be outdone by their big siblings they could jump in the pool too! Way to go Addison!
Jackson really had to concentrate before he was able to jump. I didn't manage to capture his full routine on tape which was to count (in any random order from 1-20 for quite an extended period of time) as well as the build up included in this video. Long story short, jumping into the pool was a pretty lengthy process for Mr. Jicky Jack. lol :)  
"I didn't bump my head!" Jackson and I had a difference of opinion as to where he should stand to safely jump into the pool...
Thank you to everyone for all the summer fun at the pool! :)

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