Friday, August 23, 2013

Girl Scout Camp 2013 - Day 1

In June our Girl Scout Troop took a two day camping trip to Camp Judy Lane in Eastern Kentucky. It was a fabulous experience. Both the girls have declared it their favorite Girl Scout activity of the year and cannot wait to go back again next year.
Here are the Daisies (1st row) and Brownies (2nd row) with their wonderful Troop Leader, Jeannette. She has done an incredible job all year and truly outdid herself with this trip for the girls!
 Teamwork was first on the agenda. The girls participated in a number of activities and obstacle courses which challenged them to think and work together. Here are pictures of a few of the activities they did.
 Trying to balance all together for 10 seconds
 Everyone had to go thru a different portion of the "web"

 Everyone had to follow the leader exactly thru this web. If the web was shaken and the bell rang, someone would lose one of their senses/abilities making the course that much more challenging.

 The Brownies making their way across the tire swings

 The girls had some time to play on the tires too 
 The girls divided up into groups and were responsible for preparing and cleaning up each meal including making fires as needed. This was a bit slow at times but a fabulous learning experience for everyone involved!

 The Daisies enjoying the fruits of their labor

 Sweet Miss Maddie
 After lunch we headed for the rock climbing wall. We have never done this before but Reagan was a natural and was one of only 3 girls to make it to the top. Kennedy did an awesome job as well making it over half way up.
 Missy K all ready to go!
 Reagan and Maddie ready to climb! :)

 Posing for a picture lol :)
 There goes Kennedy! :)
  Reagan at the top of the rock wall
Nina on her way up 
 This mother/daughter duo both made it to the top - way to go Denny girls! :)
 Kennedy's favorite Cadette, Zoe, gave it a good try too
 Next we split up again and the little girls headed to archery. The girls were extremely excited about this opportunity (I'm thinking because of Brave?). The moms tried this out as well and I have to say it's a lot harder than it looks!

 Ms. Meg managed to hit an acorn! lol :)
  Kennedy helped her "Big Big Sister, Zoe" make the "Stone Soup" and keep an eye on the food over the fire in general by bringing her sticks to keep the fire going. The girls and I agreed that the "Stone Soup" was super yummy and fun!
 Enjoying supper around the fire
 Kennedy found this large snail which she fell in love with

 The girls put on a couple of impromptu plays at "Thicket Theater" for our evening entertainment. They did a great job and I was pretty impressed with some of their improve!
 What better way to end the day than with a new found treat to cook over the fire - Banana Boats!
As you can see we had a super full and fun first day at camp! No wonder the girls can't wait to go back!!! :)

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