Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good-bye & Good Luck to the Meyers Family

The Meyers family have been some of our best friends here in Lexington. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Kelly over the last couple of years and the kids loved playing with Maddie and Travis. We were so sorry to learn they were moving away this summer and have (and will continue to) miss them terribly! We wish them all the best in Illinois and look forward to seeing them the next time they visit Kentucky!
Before they left we had a sleepover for all the kids. Here's a group shot of our crew enjoying a popsicle break. :)

 Mendelssohn thought the popsicles looked pretty good too 
 Travis and Jackson thought it was pretty silly for a kitty to want a popsicle
 I had to take a few more cute pictures of Mr. Jackson as long as I was outside with the camera

 Go Jackson go! :)
Thanks for letting the kids come and hang out with us before you moved! We wish you all the best and come visit us soon!

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