Monday, August 26, 2013

Locks of Love

Reagan has always wanted her hair to be long. Last spring (2012) when I had my hair cut for "Locks of Love" she decided she wanted to grow her hair out in order to give it away as well. We decided this summer it was long enough to cut so while we were in Tennessee in June all the kids went in for haircuts.
Here is Reagan's before and after haircut
 Ms. Alicia cutting Reagan's hair
 Look at all that long blond hair and such a happy girl! 
The back of Reagan's new hair cut and a happy/proud girl with her hair  
 Before we got there Missy K had been determined she only wanted her hair trimmed. Once she saw Reagan and Anna's haircuts, however, she decided to cut her hair too. It wasn't quite long enough to donate to "Locks of Love" but as you can see she cut quite a few inches off as well! 
 Jackson was pretty excited about getting his hair cut too... After we were done, he got down on the floor and kept saying "Put it back! Put it back!" as he desperately tried to collect all the hair on the floor. Poor Jackson, he has such a hard life!
 While the girls waited for Jackson to have his haircut they enjoyed some Ring Pops I had brought along for good cooperators. 
 Here is the finished product for Jackson too. He was about as excited about my taking a picture of his new haircut as he was about the haircut...
Anyone have ideas on how to make getting a haircut less traumatic for little guys? It's about as rough every time Grammy and I try and cut it. Any and all suggestions welcome! :)

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