Thursday, June 28, 2012

Halloween Sneak Peak

The girls discovered the beautiful new Disney Princess dresses for Merida from the new movie "Brave" and had to take Grammy to see them. It was quickly decided we had found our Halloween costumes for this year. I think these are the prettiest princess dresses Disney has made yet. Can't wait to dress them up on the cruise! 
 Princess Merida (aka Reagan)
 Princess Merida (aka Kennedy)
 The shoes are even beautiful!
 I had the girls turn around so I could get a picture of this wild hair as well as the back of their dresses.
 Jackson decided I needed to take a picture of the back of his new "Cars" pajamas Grammy got for him. He refused to turn around for a picture and was determined I should take a picture of his back. What a little nut!
 Kennedy wanted me to take a picture of her new "Brave" pajamas Grammy gave the girls too.
 Autn Dorothy and Uncle Dan gave Jackson some "Cars" for Easter and he has been loving them. Grammy added to Jackson's collection since she was giving the girls all the "Brave" things. He takes these everywhere with him and they may even be replacing "Thomas" as a favorite toy. It's definitely a toss up at this point...
Thank you Grammy for the fun Disney Store shopping spree! We can't wait to celebrate Halloween this year!

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