Saturday, June 2, 2012

Transplanting Sunflowers

After a week we decided our sunflowers were ready to transplant from these tiny pots into something a little more substantial. The girls loved watching the flowers poke up while they were inside the house and were extremely proud of their development.
I thought it was interesting how the sunflowers emerged with their seed cases still over the sprout.
 Because the pot was so tiny and there were so many plants in each pot the dirt fell away from the roots as we were in the process of transplanting them. It was kind of neat because it provided a great opportunity to examine the intricate root system that had developed in a week. 

The girls placed their plants and some extra seeds we had around the pot. Reagan enjoyed this process but Kennedy preferred to observe instead of participating and getting her hands dirty. I think it's hilarious that she's ready to dive in with the chicken mummy but she doesn't want to touch dirt.
The girls worked together to water our sunflower sprouts after we completed the transplant process.
We had too many seeds and small plants to put in our pot so we decided to plant some directly into our vegetable garden where our carrots had disappeared. While we were there the girls were excited to discover our watermelon finally poking up out of the ground.
The Sunflowers in our garden were eaten by some little animal their first night. The ones in our pot are beginning to take off though. Here is a picture of them 9 days post transplant. I imagine we'll need to move them into the garden before long. Hopefully they'll be big enough to survive any critters when we transplant these little guys!

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