Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Pictures

While we had a great time during Grand-Dad's retirement party we had lots of fun all weekend long! Uncle Scott, Aunt Arla, Aunt Pat and Uncle Randy drove from Wisconsin Thursday night so they were here when the kids woke up Friday morning. It didn't take anytime at all for the kids to warm up to them and Jackson quickly became Uncle Randy's best buddy. :)
 Jackson also gave Uncle Scott plenty of attention as did Missy Reagan. :)
 Missy K getting and giving some good loving to Aunt Arla
 I'm not sure how this game began, but both Jackson and Kennedy discovered Aunt Pat makes an excellent horse with a little assistance from Uncle Randy.

 Friday evening Uncle Martin and Aunt Faye arrived from South Carolina and we all enjoyed some delicious Old Chicago pizza. The kids entertained us by riding round and round the house in their jeep.

Friday and Saturday night we built a fire in our firepit to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors. Aunt Pat introduced us to the idea of eating peanuts (a little healthier than s'mores) around the fire. The girls enjoyed throwing the peanut shells on the ground as much as eating the peanuts. 
Saturday morning Grammy brought all the makings for her famous Long Johns. Aunt Pat helped out with the bacon while Grammy fried her delicious donuts!
Uncle Martin and Aunt Faye came over early on Saturday (they stayed with Dan and Dorothy - thank you so much to them for helping house all our out of town guests) to spend the day visiting with us. Jackson and Uncle Martin had a game going all weekend where Jackson would give him 5 and Uncle Martin would act like it was too hard and he was hurt.
When Uncle Martin and Aunt Faye arrived they were having their weekly telephone call with Rory. He asked to speak with Reagan and I don't know how long they spoke. So long it became a joke and I began taking pictures of Reagan in all the different places she was sitting to speak with him.

headed out to the swingset where they talked some more lol :)
Meanwhile, Aunt Faye taught Missy K how to make a flower necklace. They began by searching the yard for enough flowers to make the chain.

Saturday afternoon, before the party, Missy K dissapeared and we discovered her in the entry way enjoying a bag of Aunt Pat's peanuts.
Sunday morning we went to Cracker Barrel for brunch before the Wisconsin crew headed home. Aunt Arla purchased some big suckers for the girls.

A quick group shot before heading out. Bless the heart of the person who was trying to take this picture for us. She was so slow, this was the only shot she got and Jackson was not having any of it! lol :) 
Missy K enjoyed every last lick of her sucker when we got home

Thank you again everyone for such a fantastic and fun weekend! :)

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  1. Anna, you sure know how to throw a party! The only thing you do even better is tell GREAT visual stories of said party!! I LOVED the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing that time with us. We enjoyed our time with everyone.
    God bless all. Our love, SC Aunt & Great-Aunt and Uncle and Great-Uncle.