Monday, June 25, 2012

Lueker's Code

Chapter 7 of Story of the World was "Hammurabi and the Babylonians." We learned that Hammurabi tried to be a just king who believed everyone should be treated equally. We learned about Hammurabi's Code and discussed which of his rules we thought were fair or not. For the most part we agreed he was a much better king than others we have studied thus far, but some of his laws still seemed a bit harsh. In this vein, one of the activities for the week was creating our own family code to hang in our house. We started by using the long paper Grandma and Grandpa gave us for Easter. We used a bowl to draw and then cut the top so it would be rounded like an ancient stele which was a carved stone with the laws inscribed for citizens to read. These were placed across Hammurabi's empire so everyone could read and understand the laws.
 It was a great opportunity for the girls to practice some cutting skills

We struggled a bit to determine what should be drawn on the top of our stele since we only did one. The original ones included a picture depicting Hammurabi reciving the laws from the god of justice, Shamash. After much negotiation (and guidance from our activity book) the girls agreed to take turns drawing our family with Mommy and Daddy providing rules for the kids.
 Coloring together was a much easier task after the pictures had been agreed upon and drawn.
 I don't know what this secret was but I just thought it was a cute picture of the two of them working together.
 Our completed Lueker's Code along with a recommended book "The Rules" by Marty Kelley (Zino Press, 2000). This book was really cute and made talking about rules a bit funnier after having our more serious conversation.

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