Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Most of our guests returned home Sunday, but we were lucky enough to have Grammy and Grand-Dad stay for Memorial Day. Tim has been talking about getting a croquet set since we moved to Kentucky and I've always made fun of him because I didn't think he would actually play. I enjoy the game, however, and we played relatively frequently with a set we had when I was growing up. Aunt Arla decided it was time we had a set so she brought one to us this time. I don't know that Tim has played with it yet but the rest of us have been enjoying it. :)

 Jackson managed to get his Thomas train outside, down the deck stairs and across the yard by himself
 He loves balls almost as much as Thomas so it was not surprising that he zereod in on the croquet balls. He did become a little frustrated when he couldn't take the balls we were using for the game.
 Could this be an advertisement for Coke?
 Kennedy loves our disc swing and heads for it everytime we're near the swingset. She had a particularly good time being wild with Grand-Dad and Grammy.

 Grand-Dad took a couple of cute pictures of Missy K climbing a tree

 Before Grammy and Grand-Dad could leave we had to have our traditional LaBar Memorial Day Rootbeer floats. Yummy!

Thank you Grammy and Grand-Dad for a super fun day and weekend! :)

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