Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reagan & Kennedy's Many Colored Coats

The first part of our week studying the Jewish people was spent primarily learning about Abraham, Sarah and Issac. The second part of the week was spent learning about Joseph and his family. We learned about his many colored coat and how and why he was sent to Egypt to serve Pharaoh. I really like how sequentially and logically "The Story of the World" is laid out. There weren't any parts of the stories of Abraham, Issac, Jacob or Joseph that were new to me. Having said that, I had never in my years of Sunday School or formal education made the connection myself that Abraham is Joseph's great-grandfather. I love history and feel relatively well read but because history was not taught to me sequentially I wonder how many connections I will make as we progress through these books that have never occurred to me before. I thought it was interesting to discover the direct connection between Abraham and Joseph and just another example of why I like this curriculum so much! 
One of the suggested activities for the week was making Joseph's many colored coat. There were several ideas on how to do this and we chose to improvise with products we had readily available. We started by cutting and then painting the oversized paper Grandma and Grandpa gave us for Easter. The girls had a great time selecting their colors and painting such a large sheet of paper. This picture reminds me of a favorite saying of Anne from the Anne of Green Gables series; there was plenty of "scope for the imagination" in this painting project! :)

 Reagan decided to do long vertical stripes in the order of the rainbow. Kennedy has been really big into creating patterns lately so she surprised me a little by choosing to do randomly colored horizontal lines. Both girls did a great job of being careful and creating colorful coats.

 I asked Reagan to smile in this picture but she was not at all pleased with the finished product. She liked her rainbow coat but was upset there were no sleeves. So much for my improvising...
 Kennedy on the other hand thought her coat turned out great and was as happy as a little clam with my improvisation! As a matter of fact she is still playing with her coat a week later. :)
The girl's favorite book from this week was "The Coat of Many Colors" by Jenny Koralek (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, 2004).

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