Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weekend Fun with Grammy and Grand-Dad

Here are a couple of pictures of some fun we had the first weekend in June when Grammy and Grand-Dad came to visit. In case you haven't noticed, I love using our firepit for hotdogs, brats and 'smores. LOVE it! I would do it every weekend, maybe every night, if given the option. Tim says he's certain we eat more 'smores than anyone else in the neighborhood. :)
 Jackson enjoying dipping everything (including marshmellows) in his ketchup with Grammy's assistance
 Dad and I don't typically sit around the fire with our computers, but for some reason we both had them out there and I thought this was a funny picture Tim took. :) 
 Sunday morning after church and before we headed to see Thomas we made a stop at Krispy Kreme for a donut snack. The kids enjoy watching the process of fresh donuts being made and whenever and where ever we go out to eat Grand-Dad is always awesome at chasing our munchkins around.
 A very excited Reagan with her donut holes - a recently discovered favorite. The donut shop guy in Cookeville really likes Reagan and when we go in he typically gives her some free donut holes. I think this is how her obsession with them began but in anycase it's nearly always her preferance now.
 A very messy Jackson - for the last month or so when he gets anything on his hands while eating he begins franticly telling us "Ma (or Da) Mess! Mess! Mess!" He keeps going until you give him a napkin or wet wipe to help clean him up. He typically gets cleaned up, takes the next bite and starts in again with "Ma Mess! Mess! Mess!" Poor guy! lol :)
 A wide-eyed Missy K enjoying her chocolate milk. Kennedy has been wanting me to take pictures of her with her big eyes lately. Sometimes the pictures get a bit crazy but for the most part they're pretty cute and I sure love my silly Missy K and her big eyes! :)
Thank you Grammy and Grand-Dad for the fun weekend! :)

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