Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Burgess Falls - Tennessee

While we were in Tennessee we visited Burgess Falls State Park. I have so many fond memories of this park growing up. It's been so nice that we have been able to get here a couple of times a year with my munchkins. We generally stay towards the top of the falls but I'm looking forward to the kids being big enough that it makes sense to hike down to the bigger falls too.
There is large playground close to the parking lot that never fails to side track us for a minute or two and this time Miss McKinley enjoyed the swings with the big kids.

 This picture is funny because our visit started out a bit rough... As you can see all three of the big guys are in the background in time-out for varying reasons. Thankfully the visit did get better after everyone got out of time-out.
 Blast off!
 Headed down to the falls
 Time to explore and play in the water!

 Grammy and McKinley enjoyed staying dry and watching the rest of us get wet :)
 Time to head home and what better way than a piggy back ride from Grand-Dad!?!? :) 
Thank you for such a fun day! We look forward to our next visit to Burgess Falls with you! :)

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