Monday, September 9, 2013

Making Jam and Pizza

While we're on the topic of making things... My three big kiddos love to help cook anytime they have the opportunity. I think this is fabulous especially since there are so many great learning opportunities in the kitchen. It's also a great time to make wonderful memories! This summer Grammy helped my three biggest munchkins make both blackberry and raspberry jam. So super yummy!!! :)
 Smashing blackberries
 Many hands make light work :)
 Adding the sugar and mixing well
 Can you tell Jackson loves and adores his Grammy? 

 I can't remember what regarding the jam caused Jackson to become so surprised, but I love these faces! lol :)
 Our little taste tester 
 Ready to pour in the jars for freezing

 McKinley was super sweet and kept herself entertained in her bouncer - just love this baby girl! :)
 Grammy and my munchkins with the finished product(s)
 Grammy also decided to help the kids make homemade pizza. The kids love making anything involving dough because they eat as much as they are allowed before it's cooked.
 Busy making one supreme and one cheese pizza
 Jackson was a little more interested in eating the cheese than putting it on the pizza...
Thank you Grammy for such a fun day!
For anyone who is interested the recipe for the jam is at the following link: . It's pretty easy and very yummy!
The homemade pizza is super easy. A recipe book I have suggests using frozen bread dough as pizza crust and it is awesome and so simple! I've been doing this for a couple of years now and its never failed. All you have to do is pull a loaf of frozen bread out of the freezer and let it rise. Put whatever ingredients you desire on and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes.

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  1. How blessed your children are! They have a great Grammy, who is also a great cook, creative, and patient, as well as LOVING. Those are some of the best pictures I've seen yet, Anna, your children also have a great photographer for a mom. I loved the photos of Jackson sneaking the pizza, and the one of all the children with the finished Freezer Jam! Love you, Aunt/Great Aunt Faye