Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Celtic Warriors

We had a lot of fun learning about Britain's Celtic people. We traded in our positions in the Roman Army and changed sides as we became Celts who overthrew the Romans and expelled them from Britain. At the end of the week we decided to paint ourselves blue and have a reenactment of our own. :)

 Of course my warriors needed some Celtic Double-Headed War Axe's so we followed the instructions in our Story of the World Activity Book. We started by cutting out the template and then making duplicates so we had enough axe heads.
 We glued the paper axe heads on cardboard before cutting it out again and using tin foil to make the axe heads look more realistic.
 For our axe handles we used wrapping paper tubes and painted them brown to replicate a wood look.
 My smallest Celtic Warrior with completed Double-Headed War Axe
  Another fierce Celtic Warrior
 Reagan really wanted to be authentic and be ENTIRELY blue (although we had read they painted swirls for their magical powers so I'm not sure who was more authentic). From what we read the Celts were also completely naked so Reagan was disappointed when I insisted on at least wearing underwear (I tried to convince them to wear blue leotards but that was completely unacceptable because they also had red on them...). While the Celts were already tall they stood their hair on end to look even bigger and wilder so we did our best to accomplish some crazy hair for Miss Reagan. Here she is ready for battle with her fiercest look!
 We decided to pretend Daddy was the invading Roman Army so we hid in the garage and waited for him to try and land on British soil.
 Daddy was pretty surprised by this Celtic attack!
 All three of my Celtic Warriors with War Axes

 Grammy and Grand-Dad were also treated as invading Romans. We painted McKinley's nose blue so she could participate too. :) She may not be quite as fierce as her three big sibs yet, but I have a feeling it won't be long until she is just as wild and crazy! :)
This was such a fun week and project. The kids loved becoming Celtic warriors! As far as a book recommendation they really enjoyed reading about Beowulf. There were a couple of different options and I can't remember what our favorite was. One suggested reading was "Beowulf the Warrior" by Ian Serraillier (Ignatius Press, 1997).


  1. I guess he was surprised. He was wearing blue, too.

    1. I hadn't noticed he was wearing blue. Perhaps he was on our side after all! lol :)