Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Visit from Uncle Chuck and Aunt Julie - August 2013

The second weekend in August Aunt Julie and Uncle Chuck came for a visit. We had such a fabulous time! Here's our crazy crew with their awesome aunt and uncle! :)
 Uncle Chuck and Aunt Julie brought Jackson a gun for his birthday. Here are two warriors off to fight some zombies!
 Missy Reagan and Uncle Chuck
 Aunt Julie helped the girls put on some makeup. :)
Three beautiful girls :)
Aunt Julie sure knows how to make these girls laugh!!!
 Kennedy decided she needed some deodorant as well...
  Then the girls helped Aunt Julie put on some makeup. Lucky Aunt Julie!

 Just a little more lip gloss...
 Aunt Julie made sure Miss McKinley received lots of love during their visit! :)

Thank you so much for coming to visit us! We loved every minute and can't wait for you to come back again soon! :)

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