Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Grammy and Grand-Dad

Grammy and Grand-Dad spent the first weekend of August with us celebrating their birthdays. Here is a group picture of them with our munchkins enjoying a birthday pie (raspberry - one of our favorite recipes that I got from Aunt Jolene).
 Reagan delivered the birthday pie complete with cool whip and a birthday candle!
 Grammy blowing out her birthday candle
 Grammy and her kiddos
 Grand-Dad had an opportunity to blow out his candle too
 Jackson was pretty excited about his pie and getting to practice blowing out a candle for his upcoming birthday. :)
Grammy spent her birthday with us so the kids were able to play/sing Happy Birthday for her in person. Since Grand-Dad wasn't here for his birthday we made this video for him of the kids wishing him Happy Birthday (playing the violin and singing). Since I probably won't get this accomplished again and am five weeks late posting this video please consider this a "Happy Birthday" video for any and all of our relatives and friends with upcoming birthdays, but especially you Grand-Dad, thanks for all you do for us! Please follow this link to hear my munchkin's birthday wishes!
Happy Belated Birthday Grammy and Grand-Dad! We love you lots! :)

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