Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Louisville Zoo Fieldtrip - July 2013

We took a fieldtrip to the Louisville Zoo courtesy of Grammy and Grand-Dad in July. It was a gorgeous day and we all had a fabulous time!
 Miss McKinley is Grand-Dad's girl!
 Missy K and Jackson waved to the elephant...
 and the elephant waved back! :)
 While we were waiting to feed the giraffes we snapped a couple of super cute pictures of Grand-Dad and his girls
  and Grammy with her boy :)
 Some cute kiddo pictures. :)
Jackson (almost 3 years old)
 McKinley (5 months old)
 Kennedy (4 1/2 years old) and Reagan (6 years old)
 Feeding the giraffes is always a highlight of visiting the Louisville Zoo. This time we were able to feed the baby. :)

 We had lunch by the splash zone and played a while there too.
 Jackson had such a fabulous time running around and didn't appear to realize there was another child there. Grand-Dad caught some fabulous and pretty funny pictures of him charging through the lines as if he was the only person in sight. 

 Jackson also enjoyed the waterslides. The girls had a great time too they just weren't nearly as funny, excited or as entertaining about this opportunity as Mr. Jackson. 
 We took a break on the playground after visiting some more animals. I thought this picture of Missy K checking whether Grand-Dad was actually asleep or not was pretty cute.
 Missy K decided taking a nap was a good idea
 or maybe just a funny one :)
 Grand-Dad decided Missy K had the right idea lying down and the ground looked more comfortable. Both of these guys were cracking me up with their nap antics on the playground. lol :)
 Grammy indulged our love of the Carousel and Grand-Dad caught some pretty cute picture of Kennedy
 Blowing kisses :)
 Since our visit to the St. Louis Zoo in April, the Gorilla has been one of Reagan's favorite animals. She couldn't wait to see the gorilla exhibit and show. Here she is checking out how she compares to an adult sized gorilla.
 Grand-Dad took this awesome picture
 Grand-Dad also took this picture of my munchkins at the tiger exhibit
Thank you Grammy and Grand-Dad for taking us to the zoo. What a great fieldtrip!

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