Tuesday, September 24, 2013

High Dive - Woodland Pool - August 2013

Reagan talked about going off the high dive all summer long. The idea made me nervous... The other issue was there was only one pool with a high dive and it wasn't the one we typically visited. After seeing how comfortable Reagan was with the low dive at a couple of other pools I decided she would probably be ok to try the high dive. With that in mind, the last week of August we headed to the pool with the high dive for Missy Reagan. When she got up on the diving board she actually would have chickened out except the lifeguard said she wasn't allowed to go back down the ladder. Without any choice she jumped right off the end and LOVED it! I have no idea how many times Reagan ended up jumping off the high dive, but I'm certain she'll be begging to go do it once the pools open again next year!

 Kennedy also went, but more because we encouraged her to go than because she really wanted to do it. She thought it was alright but wasn't nearly as excited about it as Reagan. She went off the high dive many times as well but for now prefers the low dive, which is great too!

Here are some videos of the girls jumping off the high dive (sorry for the super poor quality of these videos - I'm going to have to do something about that before Miss Reagan begins her gymnastics competitions...).
The first video is of Missy K jumping off the high dive:
Missy K running off the high dive:
Missy Reagan running off the high dive:
Missy Reagan going off the high dive backwards:
Missy Reagan flipping off the high dive:
   Way to go girls! Can't wait to see what tricks you learn next year! :)

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