Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Visit from Uncle Martin and Aunt Faye

I apologize for the out of order posts here due to my being so far behind, but I definitely wanted to include this special visit from Uncle Martin (Grand-Dad's oldest brother) and Aunt Faye from the beginning of July. We didn't get to visit nearly long enough, but we're looking forward to seeing them over the 4th of July next summer if not before then! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop and visit us!
 The oldest and youngest of the Helen and William LaBar family decendents
 McKinley enjoying time with Grand-Dad and as the kids used to refer to Uncle Martin "the other Pop-A-Lops." (Grand-Dad has happily relinquished his Pop-A-Lops title) 
 Reagan has always loved Uncle Martin and Aunt Faye, and I agree they are pretty special! :)
 As you could see from the family picture above, Jackson was not happy about having his picture taken with the group. After he calmed down he came to apologize to Aunt Faye and give her a kiss. He can be so super sweet! :)

 After visiting at our house for a little while we headed over to Uncle Dan and Aunt Dorothy's house for a LaBar family visit. Besides a fabulous dinner they had sparklers for the kids to enjoy. 

 Lady Liberty in real life
Thank you all for such a fun family evening! :)

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  1. Thank you, Anna, for the pictures and the kind comments. WE enjoyed that visit and the fun July 4th picnic. Your family is lovely, both inside and out!! What a great picture of the oldest and youngest LaBar. That Andrew is a case...cracked me up. Love your title for Heidi's picture: Lady Liberty in real life. We treasure every visit with you and our other relatives. God bless you all. Aunt/Great Aunt Faye