Sunday, September 15, 2013

Legacy Gymnastics Camp - Summer 2013

We are fortunate enough to belong to a fabulous gym here in Lexington; Legacy All Sports ( ). The staff is absolutely incredible and the girls love every minute they spend in the gym!
I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when I signed the girls up for a 1 hr/wk class two years ago. I have questioned our sanity more than a couple of times as the girls have progressed but I guess athletics in general is pretty intense these days.
Kennedy is currently a "Hot Shot" and has gymnastics twice a week for 2 hours at a time (total of 4 hours). Reagan has joined the first level team (Level 2) this year and is now in the gym for 7 1/2 hours per week. It's amazing to me that a 4 or 6 year old can spend that much time at the gym but they love every minute and would go more if they could work it out! Because Reagan joined team she had the opportunity to attend a camp at the end of the summer. The girls did gymnastics for 8 hours each day and even that wasn't enough for Reagan! After the second day she did finally admit to being a little sore... lol :) 
Here are a couple of the amazing coaches Reagan worked with at the camp. On the left is Cassie Whitcomb. She was previously on the US National Gymnastics team and currently attends college on a full gymnastics scholarship at UCLA. She is also the daughter of one of our favorite coaches at the gym, Ms. Cindyrella. I can not say enough about what a fabulous coach and person Ms. Cindyrella is, I have no doubt that both of the girls will look back on her for the rest of their lives as being a special and important teacher. On the right Reagan is with Courtney McCool who was a member of the 2004 US Olympic Silver medal team. When the camp was over we had the opportunity to get Courtney's autograph. When Reagan walked up Courtney surprised me by asking Reagan "Hey, where's Kennedy?" Unfortunately I had no idea that Kennedy had also had the opportunity to meet Courtney through another of our favorite coaches, Osh, and she was already in the car with Grammy and Grand-Dad or I would have gotten a picture with Missy K and Courtney as well.
 Reagan working on her "front hip circle" with coach Robin (this comes after the "back hip circle" and "mill circle" in level of difficulty)  
 One of Reagan's good friends working on her "mill circle" with the Level 2 Head Team Coach, Ms. Angela
 The girls receiving instructions from Cassie regarding the beam
 Cassie helping Reagan with handstands and dismounts on the beam
 Reagan having fun flipping off the beam into the foam pit with her coach, Ms. Angela
 Reagan having a good time with Coach Osh after not quite making a floor combination of some sort (back handspring/round off maybe I can't quite remember)

 McKinley had a good time watching the gymnastics activities with Grand-Dad
 Jackson and Kennedy rolling down the track
 After the camp was over the girls had the opportunity to play on a giant inflatable that they turned into a waterslide.
 Waiting to head down the waterslide
 Kennedy didn't attend the official camp this year, but we did let her go to the Legacy Day Camp the days Reagan was at camp. After the second day when we got home I asked the girls to hop in the shower while I got supper ready. I washed their hair really quick and asked them to come down when they were done. Reagan came down pretty quickly but when Missy K didn't appear I had Reagan go in search of her. It turned out she was so wiped out from camp she had fallen asleep on the floor of the shower! On top of that she had used up all the hot water so it was freezing cold water that was beating down on top of her! Poor girl, she must have been positively exhausted!!! 
 My sweet (and cold) Elly Melly :)
It will be interesting to see how long we stick with this and exactly where it takes us. My understanding is it's not until Level 6 (the new Level 5 - I'm not sure) that the rubber really meets the road so we have a couple of years before we'll have to make any major decisions. As long as the girls are enjoying the experience and we can afford it (thank you Grammy and Grand-Dad for your support) I guess we'll stick with it. Especially since we are so happy with Legacy and their coaches! :)

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