Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visit from Lance, Grammy & Grand-Dad

The third weekend in August my cousin, Lance, stopped in to visit us on his way from Wisconsin to Florida. He is so awesome with the kids! Someday he is going to be an incredible father! Lance played everything and anything with all four munchkins. He is simply amazing with little guys!
 Grammy and Grand-Dad came to visit us as well as Lance too. Grammy decided it was time for McKinley to have her first sugar cookie and McKinley whole heartedly agreed! :)
 Grand-Dad was holding McKinley and all of a sudden he said she "fell" asleep quite literally. Such a sweet picture!
My other munchkins had lots of fun with our visitors as well, but somehow I only managed pictures of McKinley for the weekend, maybe because she doesn't have the ability to escape my camera at present??? Thank you everyone for visiting and please come back anytime! :)

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