Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Magnet Exploration

One week in July we enjoyed exploring the properties of magnetism to help kick off our school year. We used an awesome box of magnets Grandma and Grandpa gave us with the help of a couple of library books. We did a number of experiments throughout the week, but unfortuately didn't capture pictures of everything we did. We began simply by discovering what we could find around the house that was or wasn't magnetic. This was so easy and the kids loved doing this throughout the week, especially Jackson (and I always love activities that include and interest him). Here are a couple of the favorite things the kids found. Jackson discovered the floor vents were magnetic. 
  Kennedy thought it was really cool that parts of the piano are magnetic
 We discussed how the poles attracted or repelled each other and why
The big magnets were impossible to even force together
  We did a couple of "magic" tricks too such as magnetizing paper clips. In the picture on the left Kennedy is magnetizing an ordinary paper clip by rubbing it on the end of a magnet. In the right picture Kennedy is using her magnetized paper clip as a magnet to pick up a new magnet. So cool! 
 Reagan also enjoyed "creating" a magnet. Both girls also enjoyed this trick of making a cup float by causing circular magnets to repel each other.
  Thank you for the great gift! We look forward to pulling these out again soon! :)

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