Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Disney Cruise - Fantasy - October 2012

Last October we went on our 3rd FABULOUS Disney Cruise! And it's only taken me 6 1/2 months to sort through all the pictures Grand-Dad, Rich, Jen and I took to begin some posts regarding this amazing trip. lol :) Not long after we reached the port we had an opportunity to get our first family picture with a character. Like our past cruise the characters were a large part of the fun and were all so incredible with the kids! Love you Minnie Mouse!
 We were actually celebrating Grand-Dad's retirement with this cruise so Grammy, Grand-Dad, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen were there for all the fun too! And yes, we do LOVE Mickey Mouse too!
 Jackson may not have been very excited about seeing Mickey Mouse but Missy K couldn't wait! After all, Mickey Mouse is her "Prince Charming."
 My cousin Stacy and her family also joined us for a trip. This was our second vacation with the Volkerts and I hope we haven't worn them out because we have throughly enjoyed traveling with them both times!
 Another sweet moment with Mickey Mouse - Missy K giving him a kiss on the nose :)
 The girl's with Minnie Mouse on one of the formal nights
 Just like last time Chip and Dale were two of our favorite characters - these chipmunks are just so much fun!

 The girls were obviously missing gymnastics. As the week progressed they began summersaulting down the halls and stairs as well as demonstrating the splits for most all the characters. This time Chip and Dale did their best to join them in the splits as well as some cartwheels. :)
 Can you get any cuter than this?
 Goofy was a new favorite of ours this time and was super fun with everyone! I think this was Rory and Riley the first night with Goofy.
 The characters are so accessible on the cruise and really get to know the kids. Because it's the same people all week they really get to know the kids. I would say for this cruise Goofy and Ariel knew and loved our girls the best. In this picture Goofy had just come around a corner, saw Reagan and Kennedy, grabbed their hands and took off with them down the hall. They giggled all the way of course! 
 Rory and Riley with Pluto
 Again, I just love the cruises because you really get to play and interact with the characters. The girls had a fabulous time playing mini golf with a very silly Stich!

 Aunt Stacy, Rory and Riley with Pheneas and Ferb
 Our second night on the ship we were walking down the hallway when we passed Ariel. She greeted the girls (by name no less!) and asked if she could take them with her. We were a bit shocked but said okay and away they went. They found a spot out of the way to sit down and chat and the girls had what they called "special time" with Ariel. It was so so special! :)

 The girls loved the other pricesses too, of course and it was fun to see Dopey with Snow White :)
 The princesses all learned the girls names pretty quickly. I don't remember exactly how we ran into Tiana here, but she decided she needed to take Kennedy to find one of the other princesses. lol :)
 We saw Aladdin while waiting in line for the princesses dressed as Merida from Brave
 The girls had learned one of the lines from Brave (where she annouces she'll be shooting for her own hand) and all the princesses loved it! Can't believe I didn't get a video of them doing it! I'll have to see if Grand-Dad has one anywhere.

 It took all week but Friday evening Jackson finally got brave enough to walk up to a princess on his own and give her a hug. What a lucky Sleeping Beauty! :)
 We're big Jake and the Neverland Pirates fans. We went to a playtime with Jake and also visited him during one of his character appearances where everyone showed off their pirate skills. :)
 The biggest meeting of the week, at least for Reagan was getting to see Peter Pan. I don't know how her fascination with Peter Pan began, but she has been infatuated with him for over a year now and could not wait to meet him! When she told him she'd had a Peter Pan birthday party he told her she wasn't allowed to have any more birthdays or in the very least she couldn't turn more than 9!!!

 Reagan was very concerned about meeting Captain Hook and Peter Pan thinking she was a traitor. I convinced her it would be okay. She ended up having a fabulous time watching Peter Pan harrass poor Captain Hook while we stood in line. What ended up being really funny was Hook actually took a liking to Reagan and one time when we saw him he even blew her a kiss! We've given her a pretty hard time about actually being in love with Captain Hook instead of Peter Pan ever since but she of course denies it vehemently!
Thank you to all the extraordinary characters that made our Disney Cruise another magical experience!


  1. Thanks again for all the great photos! You don't have one of the boys escorting the girls, do you?

    1. In their princess dresses or something else? I don't know when you viewed the blog (I still have 2 posts coming) so just let me know if you'd like any of the pictures. I'd be happy to send you anything you'd like! :)