Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring 2013 Violin Recital

This weekend the girls participated in their Spring violin recital. They both did an awesome job and I've posted their performaces to YouTube. We are so proud of both our girls!
Here is Reagan playing "Hunter's Chorus."
"Go Tell Aunt Rhody" has always been one of the girls favorite pieces in the first Suzuki book. They have always loved to sing the words with the CD. When Kennedy was little and just learning to talk the only word she sang was an extremely enthusiastic "DEAD!" each time the song ended. For that reason it seems appropriate that Missy K selected "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" as her recital piece. lol :)
 This is a picture of the majority of the studio playing "Boil Them Cabages Down" to begin the spring recital.
 In a rare moment shortly before the recital Jackson decided he wanted to hold McKinley. The reason for the big smile is because we told him he should not hold McKinley, he should not take his bebe out of his mouth, and he should most definitely not smile... Yes, Jackson loves to be naughty!

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