Sunday, April 14, 2013

McKinley Grace's Baptism - 7 April 2013

McKinley Grace was baptized at our church, St. John's Lutheran Church, here in Lexington, Kentucky, on Sunday, April 7, 2013. It was a beautiful day and we were blessed to celebrate this special event with family and friends!
 Here is our precious girl in her beautiful dress which Grammy and Grand-Dad gave her and a bracelet her Godparents, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen, gave her to wear for her Baptism and someday place in her wedding bouquet. Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen also sent McKinley a beautiful photograph of Mt. McKinley which they took and personalized it with the meaning of the name McKinley which is as follows:
Extremely Bright
Highly Intuitive
 Anna and Tim with McKinley at church
 Charlie and Kelly Stiriz; McKinley's Godparents. They also gave McKinley a very special and thoughtful Baptism gift. They gave her a Pandora bracelet which they can add charms to as she grows. They began with an inspirational Bible charm which has a cross on it to mark this first significant day and event in her life.
 Grammy and Grand-Dad with McKinley and the flowers they and Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jen gave to celebrate McKinley's Baptism. 
 Grandma and Grandpa with McKinley
 Uncle Chuck and Aunt Julie with their fan club :)
 Chaz and McKinley - Chaz is so good and sweet with all the little guys!
 The LaBar Family photo with a happy and oh so cooperative Jackson
 A LaBar family picture minus Jackson
 Grammy and Grand-Dad with their three sweet girls
 The Lueker Family
 Three Generations of Luekers
 Missy K with her Godparents, Uncle Chuck and Aunt Julie
 Kennedy with both sets of her Godparents, Aunt Annette and Uncle Barry and Aunt Julie and Uncle Chuck - she is so blessed to have such wonderful people in her life and praying for her!
 Miss McKinley with the Hamlin Family; Barry, Katie, Lauren Annette and Michael (I remember when both Lauren and Michael were born - can't believe they're holding my babies now!)
 Hamlin and Lueker Family Photo
 The entire crew minus Grammy who had run back to the house to get McKinley's Baptism dinner going after church.
 The Stiriz Family with McKinley; Kelly, Charlie, Anna and Chaz
 Kelly and I have known each other since kindergarten. We were best friends in junior high (thanks NKOTB!) and became best friends again when we both got jobs in St. Louis after college. Kelly is just like a sister to me and I feel so blessed to have such a close and life long friendship with someone as special her! McKinley is very blessed to have her as a Godmother!
 Lauren is McKinley's birthday buddy and they also share the same middle name! I know McKinley will adore Lauren as much as her big siblings do! :)
 McKinley with Katie, who is another one of our very favorite people! We're so thankful and lucky Katie has decided to stay in Lexington to go to college so we know we'll have at least another 4 years with her! :) 
 I love this super sweet picture of Aunt Annette with McKinley and Reagan :)
 Kelly made this beautiful lamb cake for McKinley's Baptism. Thank you to Aunt Dorothy for letting us borrow everything to make it! Sorry we didn't have better timing so you all could share the day with us, but you were with us in spirit!
Thank you to everyone who made this day so special for us! Thank you especially to everyone who traveled to support McKinley on her special day! Thank you also to everyone who has given McKinley gifts. I know I'm not the best at getting thank you notes out, but we truly appreciate everything everyone has done for her and us!
Thank you to Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jennifer and Kelly and Charlie for agreeing to be McKinley's Godparents. Thank you for such thoughtful and beautiful gifts to our precious girl and thank you for playing such a special role in her life!
God has blessed us with another healthy and beautiful child as well as wonderful family and friends. We pray McKinely grows up knowing His love. We know all these people, and many others in our lives, will help demonstrate His love to and for her throughout her life. Thank you all for sharing in this joyous day! 

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