Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

We enjoyed the Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience for the first time when we returned to the ship after our day at Castaway Cay. I hadn't been planning on doing this with the girls originally, but then I realized I wasn't sure when we would do a Disney vacation again and the girls were pretty much the perfect age for absolutely loving the full princess beauty treatment!
Reagan seeing herself for the first time as Princess Minnie
I thought this picture was so sweet, both Reagan admiring herself and Kennedy peaking out at her from the porthole in the background. :)
Missy K seeing herself for the first time as Princess Ariel
Missy K enjoyed admiring herself as well :)
 Again, I love the Disney Cruises for the truly personal experiences they provide. When we came to the Boutique to schedule our appointments as soon as the beauticians heard the girl's names they were very excited and asked "Are you the Reagan and Kennedy?" They told us the princesses had their hair done here and they had all be talking about them, especially Ariel. They had been waiting and hoping we would make appointments because they wanted to meet the girls too. They had to hear the girls do their Merida quotes and were just super sweet in general getting to know the girls, helping them select their dresses etc. During our appointment, later in the week, they discovered their favorite beautician had been a Girl Scout so they all had to recite the Girl Scout pledge together. So cute and sweet! :)
After our appointment, we met up with the boys who sweetly posed with the girls. Here are their highnesses Princess Reagan and Prince Rory
and their highnesses Princess Kennedy and Prince Riley
and my sweet princesses being driven by my wild little prince!
Missy K could not stay awake another moment at dinner! :)
After her dinner nap Missy K was ready to go and see her prince charming, Mickey Mouse, one last time :)
Two beautiful Minnie Mouses!  
Two beautiful Ariels in matching dresses (and matching princess pose too!)!
Three gorgeous princesses enjoying their last "special time" visit together
As always, Disney provided us with another incredible vacation and many magical memories! This time it was all the better becuase of the family that came along. Thank you to everyone who made this vacation one of our best and most memorable! 


  1. They know how to treat a girl, don't they?

    1. The boys were great! They are awesome travel buddies! :)