Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pirates of the Carribean

Do these guys look amazing or what?!?!? They were by far the best dressed pirate family aboard our pirate ship! Incredible!!! Next time we take a cruise with these guys I will be prepared for Pirates night!

 Our pirate crew
 Kennedy sporting her Princess Pirate Minnie Mouse ears while showing off her pirate tattoo and hook with Grammy
 Pirate Reagan and Grand-Dad
 Pirates Andrew and Jen taking their roles seriously
 Uncle Andrew gave Aunt Jen this little turtle he purchased on the island (I think St. Maarten) we had been visiting earlier in the day. He didn't realize how much Missy K loves turtles. She immidiately claimed this turtle as her own and sweet Aunt Jennifer let her keep it. We still have it in a special place on a shelf in her room. This girl is a turtle girl!
 After dinner we went and found some of our favorite characters who were also in their pirate attire

 What a great family picture with Grammy and Grand-Dad!
The Pirates night is super fun as it ends up with a Disney character show, a "Pirates of the Carribean" show, finished off by fireworks. We were also able to enjoy a late night ice cream treat while enjoying all the entertainment. What a fun night aboard the Disney Fantasy! :)


  1. Thanks for posting these! Great pictures!

    1. Stacy did an amazing job planning these pirate costumes! They looked incredible! :)