Saturday, April 27, 2013

St. Thomas

We had a very nice time on St. Thomas as well. We took another tour of the island which included a stop at an aquarium that was fun. Here's a group photo with the Fantasy behind us in the distance.
 Missy Reagan
 Daddy and Jackson
 There were iguanas everywhere at the aquarium! This was a definite highlight of our stop and day as many of them would let us pet them if we were slow and quite. Uncle Rich patiently demonstrated and provided guidance for this process. 

 This is Aunt Jen being bitten by the iguana. She's the only one that happened too. Maybe because the rest of us stuck to petting their tales? lol :)
 Rory and one of the bigger guys
 We were also able to feed Lorikeets. This was was alot of fun! :)

 Aunt Jen may have been bitten by the iguana but she had a way with the birds! :)
Thanks to everyone for another fun filled day! :)

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