Friday, April 26, 2013

St. Maarten

Our day on St. Maarten may have been the best day on our cruise. We took a tour of the island followed by a delicious lunch (courtesy of Grammy and Grand-Dad) and finished the day with an afternoon on the beach. As you can see in the pictures below, while at the beach we had a marvelous time teaching the kids how to chicken fight. Pictures don't do justice to the amount of fun we had this day! :)
Grand-Dad took this beautiful picture of our ship; Fantasy
 Riley (4 yrs old), Rory (7 yrs old), Kennedy (3 yrs old) and Reagan (5 yrs old)
 It was a pretty hot day so Grammy provided a cold and sweet treat for everyone during a break on our tour of the island
 Grand-Dad went in pursuit of some cigars for the guys to share on the beach
 It was so much fun playing on the beach together; building sandcastles and collecting sea shells

 Playing in the water was lots of fun too!

 And then the chicken fights began. This was beyond fun! I so wish we had captured some video of all the kids on the adult's shoulders. I seriously don't know if the kids or the adults were having more fun! :) Definitely what family and vacations are all about! :)

 Heading back to the ship we stopped on this pretty bridge for a couple of pictures
 Uncle Rich, Riley and Rory in front of the ship
It's hard to imagine how this day could have been any more fun! So thankful to have such wonderful people in our lives to make memories with! Definitely a day to remember! :)

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