Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pool and Waterslide fun Disney Cruise Style

One of the special features of the new Disney Cruise ships (Dream and Fantasy) is the waterslide called the Aquaduck which goes around the perimeter of the ships. Reagan recruited Grammy to take her on numerous rides! :)

 Aunt Stacy and Rory returning from an Aquaduck ride
 Grammy and Aunt Jen enjoying the Aquaduck together
 The kids had this second waterslide they could use as well
 Go Missy K, Go!

 Reagan having a bit of fun :)
 Cousins make everything even better!
 You can see Grammy, Jackson and Reagan waving to me from Mickey's nose :)
 An attempt at getting all the cousins in a pool picture
 Maybe just the 4 big kids?
 and the photo shoot is over
 Again, life is just better when cousins are around!
 Rory is such a great and neat kid!
 Jackson is just a wild man in the water!
 Riley and Rory having some fun in the bigger kids splash zone area.
 Nemo has a huge space for little guys to play on the Fantasy with all sorts of fun things to do!
 You can move this fish back and forth and shoot people with the water coming out of its mouth
 Jackson had a blast on the stingray slide!
 He just giggled and giggled everytime he climbed the steps and would peek out at me before heading down again. lol :)
 Yep, so much fun!
 My cute Elly Melly showing off her frog goggles and new mermaid swimming suit
The water area is another big source of fun on the Disney Cruise, no doubt! :)

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