Saturday, April 27, 2013

Disney's Castaway Cay

Our last day on the cruise was spent on Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. Their beach is incredible and we have loved it everytime we've visited. I wish you could just come to this island and stay! :)
As we disembarked we were able to get a LaBar family picture with the cruise ship
 A Lueker family picture with Donald
A girls picture with our favorite chipmunks
Meanwhile Riley and Rory found Jack Sparrow and had a great time playing with him :)
Jackson was unsure about the characters all week long. On Friday he surprised us by walking right up to Minnie Mouse and giving her a hug with Reagan.

Reagan being goofy with Goofy
Aunt Jen, Missy K and Aunt Stacy on the beach
My two little mermaids
I love this picture of Reagan and Rory - ADORABLE!
Riley, Reagan and Kennedy having fun with the Nemo floats from Grammy
Riley with at least two (maybe three?) Nemo floats :)
Grammy and Jackson enjoying the beautiful ocean water and day
This is such a great picture of Rory and Uncle Rich having fun together - two good looking guys! :)
Grand-Dad, Missy K, Grammy, Missy Reagan and Tim all lined up with their floats.
Missy K and Grand-Dad having fun together

We had lots of fun on the beach playing in the sand too

I love this picture of Missy K and Grammy talking while heading off to find some lunch
Jackson discovered the perfect meal while visiting Castaway Cay - ice cream and corn on the cob! 
There were little lizards running all over the place which all the kids enjoyed. Jackson was so cute watching them and trying to inch closer and closer to them. :)
Grand-Dad keeping Jackson company on the beach while the rest of us played in the ocean
Cute (but tired) baby boy
Reagan got caught by the enormous fish with the hot dog as bait lol :)
If St. Maarten wasn't my favorite day, then this was - it's a hard call to make. I think it would be worth taking a Disney cruise just to keep coming back to Castaway Cay!  It's so relaxing and fun to hang out and play all day on the beach and in the water especially at this gorgeous beach! Doing these posts makes me realize how much I'm looking forward to spending a week at the beach this October on St. George's Island. I hear the beach and those ocean waves calling my name loud and clear! :) 

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