Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Planting with Grand-Dad

After McKinley was born either Grammy, Grand-Dad, or both were here for the first 8 weeks (only having left yesterday). What a blessing they have been! With their help we were able to keep our classes and projects rolling like normal and the house is probably cleaner now than ever! Thank you so so much for all your help over the last 8 weeks and helping to get Miss McKinley's life off to such a great start!
Last week some beautiful spring weather arrived and with it Grand-Dad helped the three big kids plant some flowers and peas. We're keeping things pretty basic this year. Between the lack of success we had with everything except tomatos and peas last year and the new family member we figured we should probably keep things simple. Here's my happy crew ready to get started. :)
 Love all those busy and dirty little hands!
 Mixing the dirt and distributing it to the pots
 Reagan beginning to plant some tiny seeds (left) while Grand-Dad helps Kennedy (right) pour seeds out of her packet
 Jackson was so excited when he saw the pea seeds. He LOVED planting them! The only problem was he wanted all the seeds in one pot and he did NOT want them covered with any dirt.
One happy little boy enjoying the outdoors!
 The girls kept busy planting everything else while Jackson hoarded the pea seeds
Finishing up the planting
Onto the watering
Meanwhile the littlest Lueker Munchkin was fast asleep inside :)
Once McKinley woke up she came outside to enjoy the beautiful weather too

Thank you Grand-Dad for helping us get some things planted. If we're lucky, we'll get some tomatoes planted this week! Wish us luck!!! :)

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