Sunday, April 28, 2013

This and That Around the Ship

Here are a few pictures I couldn't quite decide where to put, but wanted to include. This first one was the best family picture we captured on one of the formal nights
 This is a group shot leaving Port Canaveral
 Here are the kids dancing together (and I think with Goofy) in the Oceaneer's Club
 Andy's room in the Oceaneer's Club was super cool!
 This is one of my favortie pictures from the trip - I love that Stacy crawled in and thru Slinky! lol :)
 One wiped out little girl! In the middle of seeing a princess one evening Missy K laid down on the floor and declared she couldn't go one step further. lol :)
 These are a couple of creative and beautiful shots Grand-Dad took of the ship

 Such a sweet picture of the girls with Aunt Jen and Grammy
Thank you to everyone for all the fun throughout the week! :)

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