Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kennedy's NYC Birthday

We celebrated Kennedy's 4th birthday in New York City the Friday after Thanksgiving. We had a few presents for her to open including a new American Doll, Caroline, before heading out for a day of fun. The thing that is funny about this picture is up until this morning Jackson had refused to open any presents (and pretty much refused to open most Christmas presents). For some reason he became absolutely determined to open Kennedy's main gift which was her doll. What a little stink! Thankfully Missy K was pretty sweet about it and let him assist her in opening her gifts.
 Our first stop of the day was the American Girl Doll Place where we had a birthday brunch planned. It was so much fun! The girls, Grammy and I had a blast! The food was delicious and everything was super super cute!!! I would highly recommend doing a birthday celebration for anyone who has a little girl who is an American Girl Doll fan!

 The flower pot is actually ice cream - so cute!
 Missy K with her new doll and birthday cake
 While the girls were celebrating at the American Girl Doll Place the guys started Black Friday at FAO Schwarz. We met them there to see if there was anything we couldn't live without. This is the clock that originally hung outside the store but is now displayed at the top of an escalator (which is always a top attraction for my munchkins).
 Daddy and Jackson picked out a new Thomas train named Kevin while they were shopping at FAO Shwarz. Jackson loves all cranes whether they're truck or train related!
 We spent Kennedy's birthday afternoon seeing The Lion King. We had seen it in DC while we lived there so I thought the kids would really enjoy it. They all three enjoyed the first half but the second was a little long and began slowly for Jackson. My fault entirely, but I'm still glad we tried it out especially since Reagan enjoyed it as much as she did! For anyone who hasn't seen it I would highly recommend the experience for the 5 and up crowd! :)
 Family picture after the Lion King at the theatre
 Grand-Dad decided to pass on the Lion King and spent the afternoon taking pictures around NYC. These are a few of my favorites. 

Friday evening we took a night tour of New York. We've done that once or twice before and other than the cold it is such a nice way to see the city! Thank you again to Grammy and Grand-Dad for helping to make Missy K's 4th birthday so special!!!

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