Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

I was pretty happy with our quick photo session after church Easter morning. The kids all cooperated extremely well and we managed to get a pretty good first family holiday picture. 
 I really love this picture of the kids with Grammy and Grand-Dad! :)
 They (especially Jackson - little, no BIG stinker) were pretty much done by the time I tried to take a kids picture so I was pretty pleased with how this one turned out. :)
 My three beautiful girls
 There aren't many opportunities to feed McKinley a bottle so the girls love it when they get a chance
 Reagan (1 month away from being 6 years old)
 Kennedy (4 years old)
 Jackson (2 1/2 years old)
 McKinley (6 weeks old)
 After changing out of church clothes I couldn't resist this picture of Daddy with his three sweet girls playing together in Jackson's room (Jackson was playing too but refused to have anything to do with the picture).
 Backing up for a moment, this picture was taken the day before Easter at our church's annual Easter Egg hung. Heidi and Holden joined us for the fun again this year. :)
 Back to Easter Sunday, Jackson loved colleting eggs both from the Easter bunny and during our family egg hunt with Heidi and Holden Easter Sunday afternoon. He cracked us up by only being interested in the money. He couldn't have cared less about the candy. Tim compared him to Scrooge McDuck as he actually attempted to swim thru the coins he colleted. lol :) I thought this picture was cute because intially he wanted to try and hold all his eggs and didn't understand how useful an Easter basket can be. lol :) Once he figured it out, however, he did a pretty good job of filling his basket right up!
 Super cute Holden heading to the basement to hunt for eggs
 Beautiful Miss Heidi with a basket full of eggs
 Jackson with Aunt Dorothy (his Godmother) and the beautiful lamb cake she made us for dessert after Easter Sunday dinner.
Thank you to Uncle Dan, Aunt Dorothy, Heidi, Holden, Grammy and Grand-Dad for making our Easter holdiay extra special! We hope you all enjoyed celebrating this blessed holiday with family and friends while remembering the tremendous gift and sacrifice God made for us so many years ago. May He continue to bless you in the coming year! 

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