Monday, April 15, 2013

Kentucky Children's Garden - 2012

I am not going to try and catch up on everything I missed last fall and early this spring, but there are a few posts I have decided I want to make to fill in the gaps a bit. Late last summer (oh my it's not just fall and spring that I'm behind on!!!) our good friends the Myers introduced us to the Kentucky Children's Garden. It is located on the UK campus and is part of the State Botanical Garden of Kentucky. This place is amazing and magical! Even though it was near the end of the season we went ahead and purchased a membership and we can't wait to begin going weekly again this year! This first picture is actually right outside the Children's Garden where there are huge logs kids can climb on and through.
 Every Wednesday they have a story time. Afterwards they have activities related to the story time. My favorite last year was learning about building dams after which the kids were encouraged to build dams in the streams with a variety of materials. All I can say is if you're ever in Lexington with children this place is a must! 
The rest of these pictures are from various visits throughout August, September and October. Here's Jackson checking out some small fish or tadpoles while the big kids listen to stories.
 Travis and Jackson having fun in one of the streams
 The girls throughly enjoy the streams and mini waterfalls too!
 Picnic lunches are fun to have with friends as well :)
 There are a couple of butterfly gardens within the Children's Garden and the workers teach the kids how to safely catch butterflies. It is so much fun!

 Last year they were participating in a special project of tagging Monarchs and requested the kids assist. Here is Ms. Emma showing the kids how to tag the butterfly after Maddie caught one.

 Here are our mighty fishermen in another section of the garden :)

 Heidi and Holden joined us for a Saturday of fun one weekend. Not sure how I didn't get a picture of the boys playing, but here are Heidi, Reagan and Maddie on top of the rock cave.
This place is awesome for kids with hours and hours of fun and tons of programs! You can check more out at .

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