Thursday, April 25, 2013

What's for dinner?

What a great group picture of our crew before dinner on formal night! We did purchase the Disney CD of all the photos so I'm not sure why this is coming out kind of funny (looks like I may have to install something that I don't want to mess with right now). It's good enough though and the point is the group of happy Disney Vacationers you see before you! :)
The LaBar crew
 The Volkerts
 The adults enjoyed two peaceful dinners. If we do this again, I think we'll have to aim for a couple more! Mayne two with kids vs two without! lol :)
 Riley may have enjoyed this dessert, but it's hard to say...
 Rory celebrated his birthday while on board and Rich ordered a special Mickey birthday cake to celebrate. I love it when it works out to celebrate birthdays with cousins!
 Rory is quite the ladies man and it looks like he thought this cake was pretty yummy! lol :)
The food was pretty good on board the Fantasy and of course there was plenty of it!!!

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