Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2012 Spring Violin Recital

The girls had their spring violin recital the Sunday Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott were visiting (it was a busy weekend!). Kennedy played "Flower Song" while Grammy accompanied her.
 Reagan played Bach's Minuet No. 2, also accompanied by Grammy

 Nathan and Sarah are a couple of homeschool friends who began taking violin this spring. They both did a wonderful job on their first recital.

 Evie is the daughter of our violin instructor, Ms. Bethany, and she always does a beautiful job.
 Grand-Dad was apparently feeling artistic during the recital. I thought this was a sweet picture he took of Reagan and me.
We took a few pictures of the girls with Uncle Scott and Aunt Arla before the recital

Thank you Grammy for accompanying both girls on the recital. You all three did a wonderful job!
Unfortunately I don't have video I can share this time. The camera we brought didn't work for some reason. I did purchase a DVD from Ms. Bethany but I'm not technically savvy enough to pull Kennedy's and Reagan's performances off of it to share on here. No fear though, we have already purchased a new little video camera so we will have plenty of violin recitals to share (or torture you with - depending on your view) in the future.
Thank you again to Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott for making the trip to share all these special events with us! We really do appreciate you and all your efforts!

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