Thursday, May 31, 2012

Even the Best Mothers Lose Their Cool

I saw this video clip on a random blog I follow (This Little Miggy Stayed Home) and couldn't resist reposting it.
Not that I'm glad to hear or see other mothers lose their cool, but I run out of patience with my children way more than I should! I always feel terrible after I've yelled at the girls or been too hard on them but it's so hard in the heat of the moment (especially when they've all been screaming at me). I guess that should give me a better appreciation of why it's so difficult for them to control their tempers... I mean if I find it challenging to remain calm and patient how can I expect them not to struggle? Too bad I'm not always quite so logical and reasonable when I'm feeling like I'm at the end of my rope...
In anycase, it's always reassurring to hear other mothers feel the same frustrations or fall into the same traps as me. Sometimes (more accurately frequently) I feel like such a failure! Today has actually been one of those rare super awesome, I can't imagine anything going more smoothly and my children are wonderful and perfect little creatures sort of days (sure wish I had a lot more of those days :). It's so easy to be a loving and patient mother on a day like today! :)
Having said that, there is never a day so perfect that I don't regret losing my patience on a previous day and can't appreciate the humor in this video where the quintessential cool, calm, collected and perfect mother loses control of her temper. So this is for all you mothers out there. Please watch, enjoy and know you're not alone in your frustration with your wonderful (maybe not quite so perfect) children! I guess we all lose it, even Claire Huxtable! :)

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