Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Legacy Gymnastics Exhibition

This semester Reagan was invited to join a little league at the gym where she takes gymnastics. This league was meant to give the girls an idea of what being on team is like so they know if they would like to participate in that in the future. The Saturday morning Uncle Scott and Aunt Arla were here the league girls, along with the Level 4 team girls, did a little exhibition at a local family fun day. It was neat to watch Missy Reagan perform with all the little girls. She clearly has a love for this sport!
 Pep talk from one of her favorite coaches, Osh
 Ready to begin - Reagan was the leader of her group, I have no idea why because the little girl behind her, Alex, completely kept Reagan in line and on task.
 Looking like a little pro
 Mid backward roll
Reagan had done several backward rolls really well and Grammy cheered what a great job she was doing (we were all excited and really we probably all yelled). Reagan paused, gave Grammy this super big grin and didn't successfully complete another backward roll. lol :) I guess Reagan is easily distracted. lol :)
  Taking a bow at the end. Reagan had the biggest grin in this line of girls. She was so proud of herself, it was adorable! :)
 Posing for us after the exhibition
 Ms. Cindy Rella is the director of Legacy and has also been Reagan's primary coach since we began last fall. She has been amazing with Reagan and we are so thankful to have found a coach who understand Reagan so well! 
 Both girls love Osh! If you've been following recent posts from our old blog, you may remember me having mentioned Osh socks before. This is who the girls aspire to dress like when they are wearing different colored socks. She is a lot of fun and she is really awesome with all three kids (she knows Jackson too because she runs the open gym we attend on Wednesday mornings).
 A group shot of the Level 4 team girls (back) and league girls (front)
 It was so much fun to share this event with Grammy, Grand-Dad, Aunt Arla and Uncle Scott. It's so special to be able to share activities like this with other relatives. :)
 When I turned around and saw Uncle Scott holding both of the girls Minnie Mouse balloons as well as Arla's purse and our diaper bag I could not resist this picture. What a sport! :)
Thank you everyone for coming and sharing this fun event followed by an incredible lunch at P.F. Chang's courtesy of Grammy!